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LC Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of Nihilent Technologies, is a distinguished alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology and an alumnus of the Harvard Business School. A pioneer in the field of information technology, he performed key roles at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS). He briefly worked with Zensar Technologies as President and CEO. He founded Nihilent in 2000. He scripted and produced the movie ‘Banaras, A mystic love story. He continues to be a student of ontology and epistemology.

Nihilent is a global consulting and solutions Integration company headquartered in Pune, India, Nihilent has extensive experience in international consulting, IT outsourcing and IT services. Its operations span North America, UK & Ireland, Africa, Middle East, Australia and Asia. Nihilent has completed 15 years of its journey and during this period, the company has realized significant achievements to evolve as a creative consulting organization engaged in introducing change through information technology, people and process interventions.

Replying to Anil Mascarenhas of India Infoline, LC Singh says, “This is the first time the consumer community has so much power over business and the way they are serviced. This has created massive opportunity for entrepreneurs to devise unconventional methods and service empowered new consumers.”

Walk us through how the company’s business model has changed over the years.
Right from the beginning, we created a model for servicing customers as business partners and helped them evolve by adapting to changes in technology, people and processes. To accomplish this, we developed competencies, frameworks and patents. Our patented framework MC3 and 14Signals continue to help our customers in their journey for continuous change.

Over the last several years, technology has begun to play a leading role in transformation of business models of enterprises. Consumers of today have embraced technologies like never before and are using sophisticated user experience that they expect to be delivered from every service.

Nihilent has gone through a major transformation. We are setting up a ‘state of the art’ user experience lab for design and business testing and also have ear-marked a number of certified user experience professionals for the job. This transformation is a major area of focus for Nihilent and we are moving to be a leading global player in that space.

What are the trends and developments in the Indian IT industry for SMAC, BI/Analytics.
SMACI is the means, method and instrumentation by which we achieve a transformed enterprise, to survive and thrive in a digital world. Therefore, through SMACI along with MC3, 14Signals, formal research methodologies and our own proprietary frameworks we provide services for our clients. IT sector in India will have few challenges in using SMACI for transforming enterprises as they need the nuances and integrated change management.

What are the focus areas of Nihilent?
Nihilent focuses on Integrated change management, Digital transformation and Enterprise IT Solutions. The time cannot be more right to help customers in their digital journey. There is so much to be achieved today, when no business or Government can afford to ignore the digital reality. This is clearly an opportunity. Also, we are confident that our expanding global presence will open up more avenues, while our recent acquisitions have helped and will continue to help us strengthen capabilities in analytics, BI and  ERP consulting.

What worries you then?
Foreign exchange fluctuations and the global economic scenario are two of our major international concerns.

Share with us some recent interesting work you have done.
Some of the more recent work we’ve done includes legal document abstraction using Natural Language Processing (NLP), wherein huge volumes of qualitative legal information are parsed using NLP technology; a comprehensive BI solution for Ireland’s leading toy retailer, and  a comprehensive new payment ecosystem for a digital wallet provider in Australia., adopting latest design principles.

Comment on your geographical presence.
While the UK, South Africa and Rest of Africa constitutes a significant part of our operations, we have made a foray into the North American and Australian market as well.

You made two acquisitions – US-based GNet Group LLC and Intellect ERP Bizware. To what extent have you managed to integrate the operations?
GNet, which we acquired in 2014 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nihilent and is completely integrated with our operations, across departments including technology, finance and HR. We have a majority stake in Intellect Bizware and will look to acquiring the remaining in the near future. We have cross sold to each others clients and our teams work well together on projects. All in all, I would say, a very rewarding expenditure.

What is your vision for the company?
Our vision is to be the leading integrated change management company.

You have been mulling about getting listed for many years. You have filed for an IPO. Could you give us some details?
We have received approval from SEBI to go ahead with listing. Our decision about the time of the IPO will depend on the market sentiments and the counsel of our BRLM.

Who is your target audience. How do the solutions differ when it comes to start-ups, SMEs and established cos?
CEOs, CFOs, CMOs and CIOs are our key target audience. In all business scenarios, we place the customer at the center and make customer centric design to thrive in the digital environment. We utilize people, process, technology and content and ensure all are aligned to deliver the set objectives.

What is your message to young entrepreneurs?
This is an extremely exciting time for entrepreneurs. This is the first time the consumer community has so much power over business and the way they are serviced. This has created massive opportunity for entrepreneurs to devise unconventional methods and service empowered new consumers.

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