Expected trends in SMAC technologies

From  phenomena such as the rise of social media to more than 1 billion subscribers worldwide, to the universal spread of mobile phones, to the resulting explosion and power of big data and analytics, and to the exploratory cloud enablement in every sector, the world around us is changing at a pace that no one had imagined. We are observing a transformational change in the world around us.

The world of social networking has already disrupted traditional models of marketing and selling. Today they are seen as one of the cheapest marketplaces. Mobility industry has seen the transition of businesses from personal computers to mobiles and tabs. The reach of high speed internet networks at affordable prices is facilitating the growth of mobile applications market. Analytics helps organization take decisions and run initiatives by analyzing billions of gigabytes data. Analytics plays a key role in understanding customer behavior. Many businesses have been seen to move from traditional to Cloud computing option to reduce ongoing costs and upfront investments, improve efficiencies and handle unpredictable growth in data. In the wake of such tectonic shifts, let us take a brief look at a few of the expected trends in SMAC technologies:

  • Exponential rise in use of Mobile applications and convergence with cloud: Higher penetration of smartphones in the society has been a trigger for development of ever increasing mobile applications. Simple to complex mobile applications will be developed to capture all customer lifecycle needs. Similarly, convergence of mobile computing and cloud will enable the low-end mobile phone users’ access scalable cloud computing resources.
  • Increasing importance of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) landscapes: M2M is considered an integral part of the Internet of Things (IoT). It has a wide range of applications such as industrial automation, logistics, Smart Grid, Smart Cities, health, defense etc. mostly for monitoring but also for control purposes.
  • Increased adoption of BYOD: As more and more smartphones, tablets and other devices find their way into the hands of employees, the demand to use them at work will intensify. This trend will only accelerate in the years to come, and more and more enterprises are adopting a formal ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) policy.
  • Convergence of Mobile and Analytics: This convergence will provide real time source for stakeholder sentiments through various activities like collaboration, communication and commerce
  • Eruptive Growth in Ecommerce: Mobile money, mobile payments will play a massive role for expected explosive growth of about 20 million online customers by next 2 years.
  • Convergence of cloud and social networking: This will facilitate hosting of social networks or creating some scalable applications within the social network
  • Analytical tools available for instant decision making: Information will be available in any format, on any required device as per users’ comfort along with real-time analysis resulting improved data driven decisions.
  • The steady rise of Industrial Internet: Technology is playing a key role in transforming the businesses and business models. Technology will enable creation of intelligent machines with ability to think, see, act, etc. using SMAC technologies.
  • Big data moves into combined intelligent data: Organizations will stress more on identifying key insights from the patterns available from large volume of data. Further the insights will be obtained through combination of small and systematic reference datasets.

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